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Forex features

Forex features

2/17/2010 6:07:04 PM

The first and most important feature that explains the increased interest in the Forex Market, is the fact that he does not have any particular place where the trade takes place. Forex is a network connected with foreign exchange telecommunications dealers among themselves, which are spread over all the world's leading financial centers. These centers operate around the clock. Currency trading is carried out by telephone or computer terminal. At that trading the main currencies are the euro, U.S. dollar, Swiss franc, Japanese yen and British pound sterling.

The second feature of the Forex market is that in order to buy or sell foreign currency does not need to have the entire amount needed for operations. In order to conclude a transaction, the customer must pay only the initial margin, while he gets to the volume of transactions in excess of 50-100 times the volume of resources contributed. Bank or other credit institution, in which the client makes this a guaranteed margin, provides the necessary missing funds. This is called "leverage".