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What is Forex

What is Forex

4/15/2011 11:05:14 PM

We thought you might be interested in something a little bit different, this month. That means lots of hot Forex promotions!

You can find out all about Forex trading and why it’s so hugely popular, below.

What is Forex?

Forex is an abbreviation for the Foreign Exchange market, where currencies are traded. The Forex market was previously for professional traders only, but since trading became available online, anyone can open an account and trade currencies and commodities.

Why is Forex trading so popular?

Trading on the Forex market could offer relatively high returns on small investments. The Forex market is also open 24/7 making it ideal for online trading.

There are many companies with whom you can open a Forex account. You can trade with ‘play money’ like any online casino or poker room or use real currencies to take advantage of a first deposit bonus.

What you should also know

You can earn profits, but also lose your investment. You won’t lose more than the investment you made for a trade. Never trade more than you can afford to lose. With the Forex trading platforms, featured on our promotion page, you can give it a free try. There are many resources on the internet that can tell you more about Forex trading.

If trading’s not for you, you can still get involved in lots of other events this month such as The Masters 2011, F1 Malaysia and China, Champions League quarter finals, ATP tennis and EPT Berlin.

Whether it is Forex, sports, poker or casino, we hope you enjoy using Moneybookers for all your transactions.