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The hollow bars

The hollow bars

3/4/2010 11:41:00 AM

The blanks from the carbonaceous and alloyed steel are used for the manufacturing of such production as seamless tubes. The cast trumpet sleeve, the ingot, the bloom, the hollow bar can be an initial material depending on the diameter of the tube and the thickness of its wall. The choice depends on the standards qualified to the products.

The trumpet sleeves are received by the method of the continuous or centrifugal cast. The last method from the listed methods is preferable at the manufacturing of the tubes from qualitative steels and special alloys with small lots. The bar is subjected to the homogenization, and then the hot deformation with the degree of the drafting about 60 % for the improvement of the plastic properties. However, prevailing quantity of the bars for the manufacture of the seamless products are received in the casting of the continuous section.

The hollow bars are applied to the manufacturing of the tubes with the range of the diameters of 100-750 mm. Thus the material whose the size exceeds about 250 mm is sent in the form of many-sided ingots in the cast condition to the special mill. A metal whose size is about to 250 mm is sent to the trumpet mill after the preliminary rolling. The preliminary furnish is carried out on the blooming and on the mills. The hollow bars are used for the reception of the tubes from high-alloy low-ductility steel. The hollow bar allows eliminating the labor-consuming, and sometimes the impracticable operation of the insertion of the blank from this steel.

The shod blank is also applied to the tubes from the high-alloy steel. The direct repartition of blooms and high-quality square elements from the cars of the continuous casting is possible on the mill. However, the quality of the internal surface of the products is improved at the application of the preliminary rolled cast detail. The improvement of the indicators of the properties is reached with the increase in the degree of the deformation to 75 %.

The hollow bars are used for the manufacturing of the tubes for the most different industries. They are mechanical engineering, the aircraft, the food, the chemical, the petrochemical, the nuclear industry, the medicine, and also many other range of the application.

The hollow bar often has a round section, but the products of the square, many-sided and other forms of section are used. It simplifies the machining of blanks for the manufacturing of this or that kind of the tubes.

The hollow bar allows reducing the time of the manufacturing of the tubes and material cost to the raw material considerably. Therefore the given products are in demand as the raw materials for the manufacturing of the tube of the different function.